Rooster Gets Pranked
So today is my birthday. While I was shooting a Throwback Thursday video, I was interrupted by The RockShow's Wes and Heathen who hit me with silly string and what I thought was a snake.
Elevator Murder Experiment
So you walk into a building and need to go up the elevator & out of nowhere you see some guy getting choked out! What would you do in this situation...Run for help,record it, or beat the crap out of the guy and help!
The Magical Three Handed Hobo
Get ready for another prank.  From the guys who brought you the jerk snowman (link to follow), it's an incredible 3 handed hobo!  Yes this panhandler squares the bejeezus out of passersby and almost gets one guy hit by a car!  Yippee!  More after the jump.
NFL Rookies Attacked By Gorilla [VIDEO]
Prospects at an NFL combine were given an extreme workout. It's not enough that you have to run drills, you may have to fight gorillas! Check out the video and shop for your own gorilla suit after the jump.