Offspring & Emily Armstrong
This is killer. It's live footage of Dexter and Emily rocking a slowed down version of "Gone Away". The video also mixes in a little studio footage of the gang practicing the song (and hopefully recording a studio version). More after the jump.
The Sex Pistols Packed It In 35 Years Ago Today [VIDEO]
The Sex Pistols burned so hot that it was inevitable that they'd burn out quickly. First off, if you weren't there, imagine the hype that surrounds Justin Bieber. The Sex Pistols had ten times that (especially in Britain). Most of the publicity was negative, but the media accepted the Pistols as suc…
Green Day’s Third Is A Charm
Green Days third is better than their second but not as good as their first. Got it? The latest from Green Day is "Tre'" named after drummer Tre' Cool. It's better than Dos, but not as good as Uno. More after the jump.
Green Day Delivers An Amazing Return To Thier Roots
Just finished ONE listen to Green Day's "Uno" and I could not be more excited.  In fact there are a lot of things I should be doing rather than writing this, but I wanted to dash out my initial thoughts.  My first thought is WOW!  More after the jump.
Social Distortion Books San Antonio Show
If you're a fan of Social Distortion, get ready to head to San Antonio, it's the only Texas date on their expanded Fall tour.  The band never really has been know for hitting every burg on the map (bummer, since we live in the burg), but having only one option to see them kind of suck…
Are You Ready For New “Offspring”?
I'm a big fan of the Offspring.  The Offspring even inspired all of the
Day Of The Dead" tattoos that I have.  I got the idea from the cover of "Xnay on the Hombre".  The last Offspring album "Rise and Fall, Rage & Grace" was ch…

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