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Smokin’ Poll: What Was The Last Thing You HAD To Buy Online
I've been trying to be a good human and shop a little smaller and a little more locally, but there are some things you just can't run down to the corner to get.  Sometimes it's items they don't stock, other times your local merchant is out of what you need.  More after …
Smokin’ Poll: How Long Is Too Long For A Family Visit?
First off let me say that the Smokin' Poll is taking a break all the way until Monday! This gives you a great opportunity to charge your funnies (because no matter how serious the question we post is, some of you still cut up).  So what about those relatives?  More after the jump.
Smokin’ Poll: What’s Your Favorite Snack Chip Flavor?
Lays recently announced a winner in their new flavor contest.  Evidently we have "Fried Chicken" Lays to look forward to.  Sounds pretty interesting.  There's a bunch of flavors out there though and we want to know what your current favorite is.  More after…
Smokin’ Poll: Who’s Your Holocaust Honey?
This adds a unique spin to a question we've asked before.  It changed my answer.  Now, the first thing we're going to do is say you can't say "my wife, my girlfriend, my husband, or whatever".  We're going to present you with a unique scenario whe…
Check Out The Trailer For ‘Warm Bodies’, Here
Are you ready for a zombie/comedy/love story?  I'm not so sure I am.  While this looks kind of funny, the concept bothers me a bit.  Do you think you would be able to bring a zombie back from the dead 'with the power of love'.  Hokey, I know.
Smokin’ Poll: Best Song To Hear When You’re Buzzed
So I was listening to a little retro Blue Oyster Cult over the control room speakers and the Heathen said "I realize this sounded good in the 70's when you were stoned, but it's not so good now".  Okay, I can accept his criticism, and even work with it.  More af…

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