What To Expect At The Full Tilt Tattoo Convention
So, as you know, this is Lubbock's first tattoo convention. In fact, the crew at Inkfluence and I had to speak, in front of City Council, to impress upon the city the need to change an ordinance, which (before now) prevented such an event. Since it will be the first of its kind, in the city, many of…
Full Tilt Tattoo Covention Set For October
The Full Tilt Tattoo Convention is Lubbock's FIRST tattoo convention!  The 2013 Full Tilt Tattoo Expo will take place, at The Lubbock Civic Center, on Friday October 11th  thru Sunday, October 13TH!
Danny Trejo Leads the “Tattoo Nation” [VIDEO]
Danny Trejo (Machete) adds a dose of star power to this documentary about ink. This documentary actually focuses on the pioneers of "fine line black and grey tattooing" or as some of us call it "grey scale". More after the jump.