Why Tattooed Bearded Dads Are The Best
This past weekend when Danielle and I were out and about we needed to grab some food quick so we stopped at the Subway, the one located across from the mall. Before we got to order we bumped into a family of four, Dad with his 2 sons and a daughter.
Full Tilt Tattoo Expo Is Off!
Regarding the 2013 Full Tilt Tattoo Expo, I have some very unfortunate news to announce. Due to circumstances out of our control, we have had to cancel the event.
Thinking About A Tattoo? Do It Right!
I'm sure some of my friends who are tattoo artists will agree with me-don't scrimp, rush or demand when it comes to your tattoos. A good tattoo is a thing of beauty and a source of pride. A bad tattoo is a mark of stupidity that's on your body forever. I've got a few tips and com…
Mom Gives Daughter A Tattoo, Gets Arrested
So, it's no secret that the majority of us here at the station have tattoos and have an appreciation for good ink on men and women alike. I've done a number of blogs highlighting tattoos on various people, I've done stories about why people have gotten certain tattoos, and I've d…
Dude, You Have A Bug On Your Arm!!! [VIDEO]
Many of us are fans of body art, we either have several tattoos or we admire those of our friends, family and even total strangers wishing we had the courage to get ink ourselves. I used to be deathly afraid of needles until I got tired of looking at the cool ink everyone around me seemed to have.

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