Tax Season Is Here — File Now to Avoid Fraud & Other Tips
Tax time is here again, not just on the South Plains, but across the nation. And this year things are going to be a little bit different.
According to some Lubbock CPA’s you will now need your adjusted gross income from your 2015 taxes in order to file your 2016 taxes...
Yippee! It’s Tax Refund Time
As the saying goes only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. With tax season in full swing right now I'm sure some people would choice death over having to deal with the IRS.Then there are those lucky people who will get a refund.
Taxes Are A Given In Life, Can You Name The Other ? [VIDEO]
Benjamin Franklin said "only two things in life are certain, death and taxes." This time of year we all seem to have no problem remembering taxes are inevitable; with taxes we all fall into one of two categories, those who look forward to getting their returns filed because they will be ge…