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Check Out The Darkness “With A Woman” [VIDEO]
Let's be honest here.  I give the video an "A", I give the song a "C-".  I guess the band "The Darkness" has been better in theory than in reality.  Even though I've started out by dissing the guys, you're going to w…
Summer Songs That Rock (kinda)
This morning on the RockShow we we're lamenting the lack of 'summer' songs (and we don't 'lament' often).  Heathen is of the belief that it's more about the 'vibe', but I wanted songs that spell out the celebration of the season. On the air we conclu…
Eddie Van Halen Can Kiss My Ass
I grew up with Van Halen. I lived and breathed Van Halen. I didn't really get into any other bands from the genre, just Van Halen, that's why Eddie Van Halen's actions are inexcusable.
Van Halen New Album Rumor Round-Up
We still haven't seen any official announcements from the band, but it's clear that something is happening in the world of Van Halen -- and the latest mini-flurry of VH activity, which includes the band's first official Facebook page and a warning from vocalist David Lee Roth to 'get ready...,' has …

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