Wes Nessman

The Internet Exploded When Wes Nessman Was Banned on Facebook
It's plain to see that Wes Nessman is a pretty big deal here in Lubbock. Not only does he have thousands of radio fans, but he also has lots of very close and supportive friends that were pretty pissed to hear that he was banned on Facebook for a short period of time for "hate speech..…
Wes Nessman Gets His Payback [VIDEO/NSFW]
I have been posting some videos to my Instagram, where I have been trying my best to get under the skin of the boss Wes Nessman. Well I might of gone to the well to many times, but it wont stop me.
A Piece Of Heavy Metal History Passed On [VIDEO]
I  have only been in radio for 5 years and I have already built up a pretty impressive rock and roll memorabilia collection. I have no shame when it comes to meeting the rock stars and having them sign whatever I got. Now imagine being in radio as long as Wes Nessman and Mike Driver have been, …

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