Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell Intros The Hornets Bulls Game [VIDEO]
Will Ferrell took his turn at the mic to introduce the players for the New Orleans Hornets/Chicago Bulls game. He took jabs at pretty much all the players and the video is pretty much funny all the way through. Click through to check it out
Casa Di Mi Padre Full Trailer [VIDEO]
Will Ferrell is just plain funny.  I could watch him do pretty much anything (including those beer commercials).  Now he's coming out with a movie that plays like a Mexican Telenovela with even cheaper effects.  It looks funnier, primarily because you have such a goofy bastard playing it straight.  …
Will Ferrell-John C. Reilly: Hot Man On Man Action [PICS]
Funnyman Will Ferrell surprised Lakers fans -- not to mention friend John C. Reilly -- when he planted a kiss on his 'Step Brothers' co-star during last night's semi-final game against the Dallas Mavericks.
What prompted the man-on-man kiss? The Kiss Cam, of course.
Check out a larger p…
Rent [VIDEO]
Everyone keeps telling us the economy is rebounding and that unemployment is lower than it has been in years. I guess that's true for some American's, then there are those of us like this guy that just need one more day to get the money. Was talking to my neighbor the other day about the tough times…