The top Valentine's Day related searches by state have been released, and there are some gems.

According to Estately, Texans search "Plus-sized lingerie," "Valentines for him," "edible panties," and "discount sex toys" more than residents of any other state. Way to keep it classy, Texas.

Other states have equally flavorful searches, however. Take Iowa, for example, where residents are searching "tandem bicycles" more than residents of any other state. In Washington, romance-seekers have been searching "bear skin rug" and in West Virginia they keep it generic by searching for "cheap gifts."

I'm not really sure what the folks in New Mexico are looking for with "hickey" — how to give one? How to avoid giving one? How to cover one you got from someone who isn't your Valentine? If so, you may want to join to folks of Oklahoma searching "marriage counseling." I'm no relationship expert, but that may not be the most romantic gift you can give this weekend.

If romance is nowhere near your radar for this weekend, you may want to join the folks in Wyoming who made "mail order bride" a top search behind "sex toys."

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