I made a brief visit to the convenience story the other morning and had a brief WTF? moment.  That moment quickly turned to one of elation and yes, desire.  More after the jump.


Every year at this time we all complain that the stores are forcing Xmas on us too soon.  This year, I thought the holiday manufacturers had really jumped the gun. I was checking out and at a glance I saw Cadbury Easter Eggs.  Now, Cadbury Eggs may be one of my favorite things in the world, but I was like, 'why the hell is the Easter Candy out in October".  Upon close inspection, I found a bit of marketing genius. These aren't "Cadbury Easter Eggs", they're "Cadbury Screme Eggs" (they're spelling of scream, meant to represent the English spelling of "cream', that is "creme").

Evidently the 'eggs' taste the same as regular Cadbury Eggs, but the yellow part of the interior 'goo' is green instead of yellow.  If you're a fan of Cadbury Eggs, they actually have a kind of amusing Facebook page right here.

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