Last month the guys in Saliva dropped their ninth studio album as a band, and their second with Bobby Amaru on vocals.

While the first album featuring Amaru on vocals was a great album, some fans were skeptical simply because change can be hard to accept.

If you have seen the band live in the last four years you know there was no reason to worry, because Saliva was, is, and will continue to be solid!

With the release of Love Lies &Therapy the boys prove they have a lot more music left in them.

In fact less than a month after being released the new album has already begun climbing up the Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Album Charts and is sitting at number 14.

While the entire album is good one song stood out to me, at first I thought it was simply because of the times in which we are living-Talk about relevant.

Then the other day, I realized not only was it relevant to current times, but it is also a remake of a Michael Jackson song; no wonder it seemed so familiar.

I know MJ is like a music god to some people, but I have to say I honestly like this cover.

Give them both a listen, then I dare y to try to get the Saliva boys version out of your head, IT ROCKS!

Now get off the computer and go buy the new album, you're welcome.