The U.S. has once again decided to become the world's police force and there's one big problem with that-people hate the police. It sucks to be a cop. You want to help people, you want to make the world a better place and still "the law" puts you in some unwinnable situations where you end up being the bad guy.

Here's the problem with intervening with someone elses affairs. Let's say you break up a fighting couple. The law says you have to take one of them to jail for whatever reason. The remaining person cools down and wants to patch things up but "the police" took them away. All of a sudden "the police" are the bad guy.

Now, here we have a unstable middle east that can't decide what it wants and we back one side. First, you've ticked off the opposing side, and you've emasculated the side you're fighting with. You're not the hero, you're the asshole who intervened and snatched the credit for the victory away from them. So all of a sudden, all both sides can agree on is they both hate YOU.

If these people are so barbaric and divided, that the only way they can resolve their problems is by killing each other, then they are not worth fighting for. We can set up humanitarian aid near the border and take care of refugees. Let's offer a hand and not a fist.

Now I've often heard that "war is good for the economy", because all of a sudden all the weapons producers are making money.  If that's the case, then my Iraq money hasn't trickeled down to me.  Maybe this time instead of buying bullets we can hook those refugees up with some good ole West Texas produce or products and make a buck.

In the meantime we're just bombing a country and helping a country that will never appreciate what we're doing.