Well guys valentines day is slowly creeping up on us, by his time next week you will either have one happy woman  who is willing to "please" you or one who is putting that *hit on lock down. Your prize rides on how well your gift to your woman rates.


If you are still struggleing to find the perfect gift for your girl for Valentines day let me give you a few hints of how to get in good, and a few gifts to ensure you won't be sleeeping on the couch for days.

Top 5 gifts to get your woman primed for valentines night,

1. Wake her up by making the kids breakfast and then getting them ready for school (that means with matching clothes, snacks, homework, any fees that are due that day,lunch , etc) all while mom gets to sleep in a little bit.

2. Next bring her home her favorite breakfast item, a newspaper, and maybe a good chick flick (then offer to watch it with her)

3. Make an appointment for a couples massage...then GO with her!

4. Take her to the place you first met for a picnic, take along a sexy meal, suggestive food...

5 Pack her a small bag with a change of clothes, a toothbrush, her makeup and anything else she would need for a night away from home. Them take her to a hotel just for the night and make her feel special.

I know we get so busy in our daily lives that we tend to negelct the small things our significant others enjoy, this gives us a time to plan something for our wives, even an over night trip to a bed and breakfast locally would make her day.

Guys this is a holiday that means more to the ladies than it does to us, if we do this right we get in good for at least a month, pull out the stops and let the ladies in your live know how much you care, then put away all the lovey dovey and get back to life.

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