Just this morning while I was on my way to work in the nasty weather, I witnessed a dozen people in town driving like total maniacs. I wanted to blame the weather, but bad weather or not, Lubbock drivers just seem to suck year-round.

If you ask anyone in Lubbock, they will likely agree that we are indeed accident-prone. It seems like there is a horrible crash every single day. (There probably isn't really, but it just feels like we can't go one day without hearing about cars hitting each other, or even into buildings.)

This accident happened on University Ave. right in front of KAMC's TV station on Monday, December 28th.

Just after a red light turns green, a car appears from the left side of the screen, not slowing down despite the row of cars lined up waiting to go. It smashes with force into one car, pushing it into the back of another car. The driver of the third car involved in the crash is able to slam their brakes and avoid hitting a truck in front of them.

Watch the clip of the crash below:

On a positive note, there happened to be a tow truck right beside the cars involved in the accident. You can even see the tow truck appear to be hesitant to drive away in the seconds after. Also, at least it wasn't another car hitting a home in Lubbock, right?

The extent of the damage to the cars is unknown, but the car that causes the accident rear-ends the other car pretty hard -- maybe going 20-30/mph? It's also unknown if there were any serious injuries from the three-car accident.

Lubbock, slow the hell down and quit being idiots so we can make it into the new year. 2020 was rough. The last thing we need is a smashed bumper.

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