Violence erupted at Lars Ulrich’s ‘Front Row’ event on March 2. During the inaugural arts forum, student protesters disrupted the Metallica drummer and his guests, getting tackled by campus security after storming the stage.

Lars Ulrich hosted ‘Front Row’ at UC Berkeley, which welcomed his Metallica bandmate James HetfieldPrimus frontman Les Claypool; EDM artist Bassnectar; founder and philanthropist Marc Benioff; actor, writer and Zen Buddhist priest Peter Coyote; and Lars’ own father, Torben Ulrich. The gathering took place to discuss the individuals’ own creative processes and the inspiration they take from the Bay Area of California.

Shortly into Ulrich and Benioff’s conversation, members of an on-campus group called the Student Labor Committee disrupted the event. As you can see on the group’s Facebook page, the SLC often disrupts gatherings to protest working conditions both on campus and around the world. Various SLC members were stopped after attempting to rush Ulrich's stage and one student named John was physically tackled by campus police after trying to wrestle Benioff’s microphone out of his hands.

According to the SLC Facebook page, John was taken to jail and held on a $5,000 bond. Students were able to raise the $500 necessary to bail the student out of jail in less than 12 hours. According to The Daily Californian, nobody was hurt during the arrests. The rest of Ulrich’s ‘Front Row’ event went off without incident.

Check out footage of the stage crashers above and film of ‘Front Row’ taking place below.

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