I don’t really know what inspired to do this, but I thought it might be interesting to you.  My goal is to give my impression of the rocks stars I’ve met in three words or less.  First, let me tell you, that backstage meetings are awkward and very brief. It’s also very possible that the artists in question were having a very bad or very good day.  Judging people on such a brief meeting is a little unfair, but it’s most likely the same impression that you’d get if you got to meet the person yourself.  More after the jump.


I have always avoided backstage like the plague.  It only took me a few visits to realize that it’s the place where fun and dreams go to die.  Sorry, it’s the truth.  I really only take care of these things when no one else is willing or is there something really important that has to be taken care of it.

So the goal is to give my impression of artists in three words or less.  I think  most of us meet people and usually use even simpler terms, like the guy was “cool” or a “dick”.  I’ll try to be a bit more thoughtful about it.  I'm also going to do my best to not use the same description twice.  If for some reason one description catches your eye and you’d like an explanation, just drop me a note.  Also, I’m going to include many classic rockers and hair bands because it’s all part of my history.


Here we go:

Paul Stanley (Kiss)-Arrogant

Gene Simmons (Kiss)-All business


Corey Taylor-Amazingly normal

Papa Roach-Earnest


Aaron Lewis of Staind-Over it

Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach-Insecure

Kid Rock-Savvy

Bush-Real Rock Stars

Dave Mustaine-Attitudinal

Peter Frampton-Silly

Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)-Loopy

Aerosmith-Totally cool

Ted Nugent-Asshole Every Time

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-Country cool

Dio-Nicest Guy Ever

Iron Maiden-Nutty

Drowning Pool-Living it

Pantera-Good Ole Boys

Dimebag Darrel of Pantera-Like A Brother



Quiet Riot-Fantastic


Lzzy Hale or Halestorm-Lives It


Deep Purple-Almost Royalty

Shinedown-Hard Working

Dokken-Valley Boys

J. Loren of Hurt-The Real Deal

Dee Dee Ramone of The Ramones-Authentic

Metallica-Regular Guys


Breaking Benjamin-Apprehensive

Disturbed-Very Dark

David Draiman of Disturbed-Guarded

3 Doors Down-Aw Shucks


Buckcherry-Just Awesome

Rob Zombie-Laid Back


Hellyeah-Party Guys

Coal Chamber-Very Creepy

Saliva-On A Mission




Bon Jovi-Very fun

Powerman 5000-Snarky

Whitesnake-Old School English

Black Stone Cherry-Joyus

Tesla-High Strung

Rod Stewart-Hilarious

Twisted Sister-Fantastic

Van Halen w/Hagar-Party All Night

Sammy Hagar-King Of Rock

David Lee Roth-My Homeboy

Wayne Static of Static-X

Dwight Yoakum-Shy

Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl-The Preacher

Jackyl-The Believers

Blue Oyster Cult-Ordinary Folk

Cheap Trick-Aloof