It was 12 years ago today that Pearl Jam played Lubbock. The fortunate thing about this anniversary is that you can relive it anytime you want.  This was the tour that Pearl Jam started recording and releasing every single show. They made the Lubbock show extra special too but playing a song they learned 'just for the show', played that one time and have never played it again.  More after the jump.


The Lubbock Pearl Jam show from 2000 can be summed up in one word "Everyday".  The band performed the Buddy Holly classic for a crazy crowd and we still play it to this day.  Now, if you were AT the show, you are more likely to remember "Jaimie".  During the song "Yellow Ledbetter" Eddie grabbed a blonde girl out of the audience and slow danced with her. It was a very poignant, memorable moment and can be heard at the end of the recording when Eddie  says, "take care Lubbock, take care of Jamie".

Copies of the Pearl Jam "Live In Lubbock" c.d. are available on Amazon, right here, but they've shot up in price.  You can expect to pay about $35 bucks for the set that originally went for about $12.95.