I used to have a whole slate of mental disorders.  None of them were really super over the top, but a lot were very bothersome. It's like instead of getting one big one to deal with, I got a smattering of all of them (kind of like a buffet of crazy).  I got some medical help, got myself "balanced" and I'm happy to report that most of these problems are gone,  I don't even have to take ANY crazy pills anymore.


Now, keep in mind that I've told you that I'm doing great, but every once in a while something comes up and it drives me crazy. The problem is it drives me crazy on two levels, #1. the actual problem and #2. the thought that I'm getting crazy again.  So when you consider the later becomes a multiplier, you can see how easy it is to get unhinged at every day little things.

So, what brought on this soul baring blog?  Well number one, I want people who have these problems to know they're not alone. Next when I put these little problems out there, I often find out that I'm not crazy, these are things everybody dwells on (which means I find out that I'm not alone).  The REAL root cause was that I found out that the up arrow on my computer keyboard wasn't working properly.  Now, I have virtually NO reason to every use this key, the fact is I was trying to hit the shift key above it,  When I accidentally tapped the key, I noticed I didn't get that soft "give" of a letter, but it was rather unyielding.

I punched it a whole bunch and now like me it's better but maybe a little damaged.  So, do you let little things like one unused computer key bother you?