I was very stoked when Wes Nessman told me that I would be interviewing guitarist Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria, in anticipation for The FMX Big Purple Party. I am here to tell you that this interview didn't disappoint.

Asking Alexandria will be in Lubbock on April 21st and from what guitarist Ben Bruce said from Asking Alexandria, they are ready for the challenge.

You have have heard AA latest single "The Death Of Me" here on FMX and the track is welcomed here on Lubbock's Rock Station. You may not be familiar with Asking Alexandria but I promise after you see them live on April 21st you will walk away a fan.


The interview is about 7 minutes and I promise you will not be disappointed or bored. Ben and I talk about everything from the lineup of the Purple Party all the way to how we do it big in Texas.

Check out the interview with Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria and let me know if you are planning one seeing them for the FMX Big Purple Party.