The other day I was on the phone with my son and could tell he was obviously playing Special Ops online with his friends and didn't have time to shoot the breeze with his ole pops. As I attempted to wrap up my conversation with him, I started to understand how my parents must have felt when I was a kid and dad brought home (what was then the state of the art) the Atari 2600.

Man, I'd spend hours playing Space Invaders and remember mom getting mad at me and asking how playing that thing was going to help me later in life.

To her credit,  I look back now and can say, playing endless hours of Space Invaders probably didn't help me do anything but waste several hours pushing a button and learning to use my joystick.

These days though things have changed, the graphics in these games are unbelievable and the hand eye coordination it takes to play will help many kids in someway. Computer game designer is now an actual field many kids go into, and with technology being the wave of the futur, the possibilities are now endless.

As cool as the video games of today are, the Atari 2600 was a game changer for a generation of kids, and now that we are grown we are finding out the real reason our parents probably bought the thing in the first place, a little game called Custer's Revenge... Who knew ...

Custer's Revenge and the video commentary are NSFW.