When you tune into The Wrecking Yard Monday through Saturday you have the chance at scoring a golden ticket from Aunt Carol's Bakery.

When it come to home made pies and bakery goods nobody does it better than Mema. But I swung by Aunt Carol's Baker located at 3709 19th Street rivals some of my Mema's pies.


What makes Aunt Carol's Bakery different is that they make individual size pie just for you, also let's say that you and your bros decide to chill out one night and break out the Ps3 of Xbox and your all into the game and you need those munchies taken care but you don't want to leave, Aunt Carol' Bakery Delivers!Give them a shout at 806 797 7437

They have so many different items to choose from its crazy. so be listening to The Wrecking Yard and I will be blowing out golden tickets to score a free Aunt Carol's Bakery item!