It's becoming apparent that Texas Tech isn't fighting for it's rightful place in college football.  You can say our guys are playing their cards close to the vest; but it appears we're waiting for someone else to make the decision for us.  Read more after the break.

A & M is gone from the Big 12 (barring a successful lawsuit  by Baylor). Texas and Oklahoma just got permission to discuss jumping ship.  Texas, of course, pretty much started everything in motion by signing a lopsided network deal that gave the high hard one to the other teams.  Texas Tech is saying publicly that it wants the Big 12 to stay together. Guess what Texas Tech? It's too freakin' late.  At this point all the players want to show off how "big and powerful' they are, and that's exactly the kind of peeing match that tears things apart.  You think Texas has your back?  Horsesh@t! Texas has already sold Tech out to team up with Oklahoma (who won't sell out Oklahoma State). So Texas Tech is hoping to be the fourth of a four part alliance.  My question is, what if there's only three seats in the pickup truck headed west?

Texas Tech can pretend they're bad-ass Buffalo Bill playing poker....but remember he got shot in the back. It's time to approach the Pac 12 ourselves and let the other chips fall where they may.