Black Stone Cherry rocks the but tonight and I'll bet you don't even realize how many songs of theirs you know.  Try to name some right now, count 'em up and then we'll list the ones we played on the other side.

Black Stone Cherry have crept up and become a dominating force in rock. Their new album is kicking out singles the way the octomom kicks out babies.  The band has quickly and/or quietly become one of those bands where you know every song they play.  Here's just the tunes we play(ed) on FMX (in no particular order)|

Welcome To The Boom Boom

Please Come In

Lonely Train

Rain Wizard

Like I Roll

White Trash Millionaire

Hell And High Water

Blind Man

In My Blood

Plus the band has been known to whip out some killer covers including Marshal Tucker's "Can't You See" and Adele's "Rolling In The Deep".  Get ready for a GREAT show tonight at Jake's.  Here's a couple of videos to get you ready.