Every new parent has had to face the decision of whether to bottle feed or breast feed. All the research says it is healthier for the baby to breast feed, and it has benefits for mom as well (and dad's think it's kinda hot too).

I would be willing to bet that the number of people that are completely freaked out by seeing a woman breast feeding in public these days is pretty low, but those few do seem to make a hell of a lot of noise when they catch even the slightest glimpse of nipple.

I personally do not get what the big deal is, we don't expect bottle fed babies to be fed in the restroom of a restaurant, or toddlers to eat a hamburger in the bathroom, so why would should a breast fed baby?

Baby is the key word in that sentence...

Then there are those people who are considered to be "extreme breast feeders."

This takes a normal act to a whole new creepy level... I don't know if it's the huge kid latched on to her boob or what, but that just sent this over to an entirely new level of creepiness.

Get a mouthful, while you check out the video...