In the words of Rodney King, " can't we all just get along?"  Just when it seemed like the whole Paula Deen controversy was finally not the lead story in the news, it's back.

When will enough be enough for people? I find it very odd that there is so much talk about a statement made so long ago, but that Nick Cannon is releasing a CD with "house music" called White People Dance Music.

There are so many other news worthy things going on in the world today, yet the media seems to have found the story about something this woman said 20 years ago more important than say, the issues between the US and Syria, or the current issues in Egypt?

I just don't get it.

I'm sure it's pretty safe to say that everyone has said something at one point in their lives that was not what they would consider one of their proudest moments.

We are human, we screw up. Period! Now, can we move on...

It's time to let it go.