Last night Carnifex took the stage In Jake's Backroom. Carnifex always puts on a killer show, but the surprise was the after show when drummer, Shawn Cameron, put on a show for us. People may not like metal or what not, but you can not deny the fact that 95% of all metal bands will stick around after a show and meet their fans. This was definitely the case with Carnifex. Lead singer Scott Lewis stayed after the show and waited until all the fans had left.

The rest of the band came and did the hang with me at the bar. I cant talk enough about the "coolness" of this band.

Cory, Ryan and Fred just hanging out with all of us at the bar telling stories and jokes. Then it was brought up about Shawn's skill behind the bar.

Check out the video of Carnifex drummer Shawn Cameron showing off his bar-tending skills.