Oscars Tonight: Why Should We Give A Sh**?
I am amazed by our celebrity culture. We treat our actors as royalty. There was time that acting was considered one of the lowest forms of employment one could get. I think the answer is somewhere in the middle at best. Read more after the jump.
Charlie Sheen Rant[PICS]
Wow! CBS hires Charlie Sheen to "play" a drunk, womanizer; then cancels production when he turns out to "stay in character" even off the set?! Wonder how I will spend my Monday evenings now.
Ted “Golden Voice” Williams Lands Reality Show [VIDEO]
His road has been a tough one but Ted Williams, the man with the "Golden Voice," has a new title to show off to his kids...TV star. Williams is set to become the latest television star thanks to his new job as a reality show talking head. Get more info on the show, and see the video that g…
Justin Bieber Blown Away! [VIDEO]
Just as threatened, Justin Bieber was Blown Away tonight on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  "Targets Of Obsession" (2-17-11).  When CBS said that he would not be back, they meant it.  It was not a kind Pop death, but a hard core Rock and Roll kind of death, as he took on a dozen well armed…
Reporter Speaks In Tongues [VIDEO]
This reporter flubbed so bad some people thought she had a stroke. She appears to be all right except for the humiliation. Check out the clip and the remix.
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model
The cover is out for the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the model is 25-year-old Irina Shayk, who has previously appeared within the issue four other times.
According to SI.com, the comely Russian was discovered in 2004 on a 3-day train ride from Chelyabinsk to Moscow.
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