Ghost Towns in Texas
A ghost town is defined as a once thriving town/city that has, over the years, been abandoned.Some are right here in our own backyard others you might not have even considered being ghost towns.There are more than 900 ghost towns in the state of Texas and here are just a few.
Best Swimming Holes in Texas
Texas isn't the barren wasteland, full of cowboys and tumbleweeds, that Hollywood portrays. We've actually got some awesome scenery and natural attractions that bring in people from all over.

Some of those natural attractions include some incredible swimming holes that's sure to keep…
Best Stripper Songs
Whether you need the best stripper songs for your occupation or just plain listening pleasure, I hope you have fun with this list.
Bad Lip Reading Turns the Avengers Into Rednecks
Have you ever imagined Tony Stark or Thor babbling like a couple of hillbillies instead of devising a plan to save the world? If so, then your imagination may look and sound a bit like the latest video offered up by Bad Lip Reading.

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