Sometimes Wearing a Hoodie Can Get a Strong, But Dumb Reaction
“You are cavorting with the devil himself! The people you are working with are straight from hell, but you can still save yourself! I will pray for you!”

This is what was said to me by a zealot at a local convenience store last night when I was simply trying to buy a big bottle of wat…
Beware of Decorative Contact Lenses This Halloween
This time of year everyone wants to dress up; it's the Halloween season after all. But decorative contact lenses are not always what they're cracked up to be.
According to the Texas Attorney General's Office:
They (contact lenses) must be both approved by the FDA and prescribed by your …
How About a Day to be Lazy?
Many Lubbock-ites love to be lazy from time to time. Not in a bad way, but a relaxing way!
Well tomorrow, Thursday, August 10th is your chance!
It is National Lazy Day!
I would tell you more about the day, but I just don’t feel up to saying much, especially when I could be chilling at t…

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