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2016 Pro Bowl Rosters Officially Set
Many people shrug off the Pro Bowl for various reasons, but to football freaks it's that second-to-last time to watch the world's best put on a show. The rosters for this year's game in Hawaii have been decided.
Texas Tech Buried By Threes In Norman
Twelve three's from the top-ranked Oklahoma Sooners supplied the necessary advantage over the Red Raiders on Tuesday night, as the best team in the country defeated Tech 91-67.
St. Louis Rams Moving To Los Angeles, May Bring Another Team
News broke Tuesday that the St. Louis Rams are officially moving back to Los Angeles after moving out of the city in 1994. The San Diego Chargers have the option to move along with them, though if the Chargers choose not to, the Oakland Raiders will have the option to pack their bags as well.

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