Everyone and their grandmother either has a blog or knows someone who has a blog, right?

If you're reading this the answer for you is right, because by definition this is a blog written by me.

While I hope you enjoy the things I introduce you to through this blog, I realize writing t does not make me a cool rock-star living a fabulous life that people want to know about.

However, Zoltan Bathory, guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch is a rock-star and is a cool dude, who now also has a blog.

Bathory's blog is different then mine is a couple of ways, first his is a video blog.

Second, he records himself doing super cool rock-star things like playing stadium shows, driving the official FFDP monster truck Knucklehead, and crash landing a glider.

My blog just tells your about the cool things he does.

Oh, and his is called a Zlog, because he's cooler then me and he can.

Check it out...