I was a HUGE Van Halen fan. The band could do no wrong in my book. I survived Dave leaving, I was good with Sammy, then he got the boot and it all went to hell. Well it turns out there was lost 'mini-chapter' in the story between Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone.


This is actually a fascinating little documentary about a guy named Mitch Malloy and it has a BIG payoff.  It turns out this guy was in Van Halen for a couple of months and no one ever really knew about it.  He just seems to be a really good guy so it makes you wonder what could have been.  What is really cool is that over the closing credits of the piece, you hear one of the songs he was working on with Van Halen.  It's a more mellow mid-tempo tune, but there's no doubting it's Van Halen (or VanMalloy).