If you have ever been to a NASCAR race, you know just how expensive the whole experience can get. I know when G and I head to Dallas take in a day of racing we can end up spending $500.00 over a two day time period.

After our first trip, I started looking for ways to cut costs, you know, taking our own food and drinks, parking a little further out and walking to the track, every little bit helps.

One recent weekend, a New Hampshire woman went into labor and when she and her boyfriend realized they were not going to make it to the hospital in time for the delivery. So, he pulled over in the parking lot of The New Hampshire Motor Speedway to call for help, but before the ambulance arrived, an EMT from the track came to the rescue and delivered the couples baby.

After the deliver the track manager awarded the baby girl two tickets NASCAR races for the rest of her life... Now why didn't I think of that?