Conan takes a shot at the new "Tomb Raider" game and is a little overwhelmed with the responsibility of dealing with Lara Croft. It seems this version of Ms. Croft is a little too real and maybe a little too sexy for Conan. I do have to agree, those tight pants from behind are a thing of beauty. Yes, she's hot, until she's covered in blood with a stake through her throat. More after the jump.

Team Coco dropped this video called "The Clueless Gamer".  It's really funny because it doesn't seem pre-written or overacted, it just seems like Conan gets a little too into the game and attached to the main character.  I guess we're lucky that Conan didn't get to see the earlier giant busted versions of Lara Croft; he might not have even been able to handle that!   Check out Conan's review of Tomb Raider now: