If a deal isn't done by New Years Day some people on unemployment will lose their benefits and about 160 million Americans will lose their payroll tax cut.  Everyone thought the deal was done, then Tea Party Republicans blocked the short term deal.  More after the jump.

The House Speaker says in USA Today that he still thinks they can get a deal done before New Years, but many lawmakers are ready to go home.  Guess what? I don't care about the details and I bet you don't either. What you probably care about is not getting screwed for the New Year while these asswipes go back to their million dollar homes.

The President and the Republican house speaker both said congress shouldn't go home until a deal is done, but that is looking very sketchy at this point.

It's time to send all of congress back to Kindergarten and learn how to share.  Sharing is the ultimate in negotiating.  I get some of what I want and you get some of what you want.  Congress was designed for representatives to meet in the middle to best give the majority of us Americans what we need.  Now we have a far, far right that is keeping that from happening. As noble as the Tea Party Republicans agenda may be, we can't have people who are unwilling to negotiate.  The right has to give and the left has to give.  One side gets a "win" on one issue and the other side gets a "win" on another issue.  It's worked for decades, until recently.

In my opinion, our system of government is busted and it needs to be fixed pronto.  There needs to be repercussions for congress not doing it's job.  There needs to be a fail-safe built in when there is deadlock.  Right now we are sending and paying a bunch of millionaires to act like spoiled children.

So, understand this, whether you are Republican or Democrat, if you are an average American, NOT having this deal done will cost you $1000 this year.  Then there are those unemployed people who will not get any assistance at all.   I'd like to hear anyone defend that.