The U.S. is in danger of defaulting financially because the Democrats and Republicans can't work together. Read more after the break.

The U.S. as a country may end up having it's credit rating downgraded (which can result in much higher interest rates and more problems) because the two political parties can't work together.  The two sides are very much dug in according to USA Today.

In short things fall out pretty much how you think they would, Democrats want tax cuts and an end to some big business tax breaks, Republicans want just deep tax cuts.  You know what I want?  Adults who can work together instead of a bunch of babies who say "MINE"(Thanks to my nieces and nephews I've been around a bunch of babies lately and one of the first possessive words they use is "MINE". That's pretty much a babies way of saying they want it their way and aren't willing to negotiate) .

It sucks when adults can't find a middle ground. They should be teaching others the art of negotiation and not just saying "my way or the highway". I wish it was possible to fire these people for not doing their job.  I don't care which side "wins" the ultimate fight, if we go into a shutdown, every single person that was part of that process should be held accountable come election time.