A band starts riffing some pretty decent riffs. You start thinking "this band is tight." Then the frontman steps up to the mic and goes "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooooarr." Yeah, that again.

The 'core' music sound all relates back to "Cannibal Corpse" (or so I'm told), and is a very, very close relative to what was once called "screamo.' My question is, why do you wanna steal someone else's style? You can call it a "scene" or a "sound," but most people who start a band with original music do it because they have something to say, not something to repeat. Imagine if every band copied AC/DC's vocal style, it would get VERY boring. A few bands have in fact tried to model themselves after AC/DC's style and NONE have had any great success.

Another problem with 'core' vocals is, ANYBODY can do them, but not ANYBODY can do them well (it's the same with rap).  Anyways, I'm sure those of you who like the sound will strike out at me and that's fine. I do hear what you hear in the music. I do know what you enjoy in the music. I enjoy some of it myself. I just find it boring that so many people are doing the exact same thing with out adding anything to the formula.

My friend Mark Key was in "The Dead Sea." They took the formula added samples and slower Sabbathy riffs and came up with something unique and this was a long, long time ago. Now it's the same recycled riffs, the same growls, the same breaks. If you don't add anything new to the style then you are always destined to be second to the original at the absolute best.  I'm not going to name names, but one metal guy played me a local band followed by a national band and it was almost the same, note for note, including the intro. That doesn't make you 'core', that makes you a 'ripoff'.

So here's the final question: are you going to spend your time slagging me for my opinion or are you going to be original and reinvent the formula?  And what about the rest of you? Do you like the sound of 'core" (sometimes known as Cookie Monster) vocals?  I'd love some more opinions here.