Corey Taylor tells Kerrang! magazine the reason most people download is " because the music is sh*t" and if the music was better people would pay for it.   Now I have to say that Corey Taylor is one of the artists that writes songs like he's reading my mind, but I'm falling out with him on this one.  I know far too many people who loaded the entire Zeppelin and Metallica catalogs to their hard drive before they even started thinking about downloading anything else.  More, including Stone Sour videos, after the jump.

I DO believe a lot of people wait until they find out the quality of  a project before they plop down dollars on it.  I DON'T  believe a lot of people feel compelled to pay because it is quality.   Overall, some people feel like it is stealing and some don't.  I personally like to feel like I'm investing in my favorite artists.  I may download a free single if they are offering it up and use that to decide whether I want the whole thing or not.  I'm kind of with Lars when he said he couldn't just walk into your house and take your couch, why can you just go grab something he worked and paid for (I'm paraphrasing of course).  Anyways, talk amongst yourselves, or just enjoy some FREE Stone Sour videos!