I have noticed a trend lately that I find a little odd, cupcakes... I mean REALLY?! Can someone PLEASE explain to me why after eating cupcakes all my life it seems like other people are just discovering them? I'm seriously not really sure why over the past few years there seems to be a cupcake store on every corner and a show about cupcakes on every channel, but alas for some reason there seems to be.Don't get me wrong I love a good dozen cupcakes as much as the next guy, but I can get mine at the grocery store for $3.99 (for 6) and be just as happy as Woody when she comes home with ONE that she bought at the "cupcake store down the street" that she spent six bucks on!

Now it seems there is another new trend in cupcakes, I was FORCED to watch Cupcake Wars the other night and I kid you not some of the ingredients they used were cheese, bacon, ham, ox tail, and a lot of other weird crap.

NEWS FLASH PEOPLE that's not a cupcake, it's a travesty! Then to go and put frosting on those things is just down right nasty!

An entire cake is like full on sex! Nothing better than to sit around and finish it off with someone you love! Cupcakes are like masturbating, little bits of pleasure just because you can! I don't need a $6.00 cupcake to make me happy and I sure don't need meat in it. I will take the cheap ones from the grocery store and a half gallon of milk and be just fine, no war, no battle, just ahhhhhhh!