Okay, this video is funny, telling and maybe even a little sad. A bunch of frat jackasses decided the best way to get drunk was, well, I guess I better say, "EXTREME CONTENT."

Okay, you've been warned. This is actually a lesson in homophobia. Apparently a bunch of frat jackasses decided to get drunk by running tubing up their rears and taking "alcoholic enemas".  When you think about it, it's an extra special kind of stupid because you already have a perfectly good hole to put booze through.

So apparently one guy get's so drunk he has to go to the hospital. Then when a press conference is held to explain what happened, the lawyers biggest concern seemed to be that everyone know the jerk involved "is not gay."

Seriously?  It's sad that there's still that much stigma being gay, because what this frat guys spokesmen are essentially saying is: "it's better to be an idiot frat boy with a tube full of booze up your butt than being gay."

Anyways, Dan Savage makes it a lot funnier. There's some explicit language here too-enjoy!

Warning: This video below is NSFW due to language.