The new project from Disturbed vocalist David Draiman is about to drop, and we think it just may be epic.  I'm talking, the end of Disturbed epic.  More after the jump.


Draiman has always loved harsh cadences and razor sharp shifts in his song. The idea that he's teaming up for an industrial project just may mark an epic moment in rock.  Draiman wrote the album with former Filter guitarist Geno Leonardo.  The touring band is said to include all-star stick man Will Hunt (Evanescence, Static-X, Black Label) and guitarist Virus from the band Dope.  The album will drop April 9th with the first single "Vilify" hitting us any day.  My prediction is, if the band "Device" becomes popular at all, and it's very likely, you won't hear from Disturbed for about ten years.  Here's a teaser trailer for the band: