We are now on the 3rd day of The Seize The Deal Auction and I am going strong as the bidding continues!


 If you are not familiar with our Seize The Deal Live Auction it breaks down to this, here at Townsquare Media we want to save you money on just about anything we can and with our Seize The Day Auction you can save some serious cash on some very cool items. you can bid on several items including $500 towards Men's Polo clothing from Dillard's and you can even bid on tattoo removal if you have a tattoo that you're not so proud of.

I am not just trying to sell you on this auction because I don’t want you to bid on certain items because I have a few bids out there. But I would like to see you bid and save some serious cash just not on what I am trying to score, but it is a live auction and all bets are off and the auctions will go to the highest bidder.
Hit the link below and checkout what we have available at our live auction for Seize The Deal!