Sandy, Utah resident, Kayla McCune is a raving idiot. An insane lunatic. A woman who is obviously looking for some attention for something stupid, like claiming a toddler's toy asks the kids to "rape me?!"

This is a young child's toy that asks the kids to "chase me, race, me, catch me if you can." But Kayla claims the toy asks the kids to "rape me". WHAT THE HELL IS IN YOUR EARS YOU MORON?

This story is even sadder because as I looked for the commercial video to post here, the version on YouTube has been edited to now say, "chase me, catch me". Yes someone at the company that makes the toy has had the commercial edited, and possibly the toy too. Why in the world would they bow down to this kind of BS? It's a sad day in America when we allow people like this to make decisions for us.

Why, you might ask? Many reasons.
1. This woman is clearly hearing what she WANTS to hear. Watch the original video and listen to the song.
See? It CLEARLY does not say "rape me".
2. This toy is for toddlers. Toddlers don't, and should never, know what rape is. And if she thinks that bringing something like this into public consciousness is going to help then she is not intelligent enough to supervise children by herself.
3. %99.999999 of the people that would have ever bought this toy for their kids wouldn't have heard what she claims to hear. and %100 of kids wouldn't hear it either.
4. If we, as a society, start giving in to people because they say they hear or see something one way, when it clearly is not, then the lunatics are running the asylum.
5. No one is making her keep that specific toy for her kids. If she thinks it says something that she doesn't like, then she has every right to get rid of the toy. But she has no right to tell the company they have to change something that is completely innocent. And she has zero right to tell me what I can and can't buy for MY kids.

Here's a quick example. There are a TON of songs that if you listen half-heartedly, it sounds like the singer might be swearing. Now I know they aren't because I listen to the songs, and I pay attention to the lyrics. But many times I've heard something that sounded like an f-bomb, or something else. However I don't call the radio station and tell them they can't play that song anymore. I listen closer and if it does swear, then I turn it off next time so my kids won't hear it. OR, I don't make a big deal out of sit so my kids don't even know about it!


Watch the edited version of the commercial here.