Metal Underground is reporting that Disturbed may be done.  Read more after the break.

David Draiman apparently told an Idaho radio station that the band is going on an 'indefinite hiatus' after the bands current tour, citing 'personal things' within the band. Of course the elitist metal sh@theads at the site are 'celebrating' just like douchebags do, since they don't consider Disturbed 'real metal'.  I personally consider this a loss for hard rock.  Disturbed has given us more than a decade of kickass tunes.  During that time Draiman has suffered enormous throat problems and has done his best to bring us the best show possible.  Disturbed has always been there for, and inspired the troops.  In interviews he has come off as a little 'blustery' but in person is a nice, gracious guy happy to pose for a picture or sign an autograph.

The fact is, we need more bands like Disturbed, not less.