I have been looking for the proper term, if there is one, for what I would term “Agreement Assumption”.  The phenomenon I’m trying to properly name is when one person automatically assumes that all his friends and acquaintances like and or dislike that same thing as they do.  More after the jump.


As ‘air personalities’ or whatever you want to call us, we frequently have listeners that have such a connection with us, that they just assume we like what they like and we hate what they hate.  They think stuff like “I like to ski, my friends like to ski, and there for my favorite radio show must like to ski”.  Now this is a very benign example.  Where this gets to be a problem is in the touchiest areas of them all-issues of race, sexual preference and even tolerance of off color dirty jokes.  It can get very uncomfortable.

I’ve notice that people LOVE to correct me when I type up a little blog. I’m hoping one of you English professors can come up with or coin a term better than “agreement assumption”.  Any suggestions?