Since my move from nights to mornings here at Lubbock's Rock Station, there hasn't been much of a change except there is usually food here in the mornings. Yesterday there was a box of donuts brought in and I feel like I need to go over a basic rule.

I don't really get down on a bunch of donuts but if there is one available I may grab one. Of they have already been picked through and what not but still a donut is still a donut.

The basic rule I need to share is simple if you take a donut than take the donut. Do not take half of one and leave it in the box for everyone to pass by and see half a donut. Now people may debate that it was cut with a knife or with a napkin. It's a shame that this half donut has to be judged by everyone and won't get eaten all for that 1 person that wants a half a donut.

Come on now if you can't eat a full donut then have someone that will split said donut and won't leave it in the box. It's not that hard to figure out. So as the great donut debate continues, I have to ask, I can't be the only that has noticed this.