It's always the big man who pulls a gun after losing a fight. This dickhead is 40 year old Bradley Turner. And he's a sore loser.

According to reports some teenagers cut him off in traffic. So he followed them to their home and confronted them. He didn't say much before he hauls off and cold cocks the driver. At which point the driver and a buddy jump out and beat this piece of crap's ass!

So of course after he followed the guys who are 20 years younger than him, confronted them, attacked the driver, and then had his ass taken to beat-down school, his wife pulls out a gun and hands it to him. What you don't see is after the video stops rolling he did actually fire at the truck. According to the news report below he initially tried to shoot at one of the young guys but there wasn't a clip in the gun. The young guys ran into their house, yes he followed them onto their property, at which point this cry baby loaded a clip and fired into the now empty truck blowing out the back window.

In other words had the gun been loaded he would have shot one of the guys!

Look dillhole, you started this, and they finished it. Now you want to pull a gun and shoot at a couple of kids in a truck? What a pansy. Oh and you're bitch wife can suck it too!

After the shooting took place, the couple turned themselves in to the police and are facing multiple charges. Oh and his mugshot is awesome!


Here's the full news story about it too.
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