Today, I was online reading the news and checking out what was going on in the world when I came across a story on yahoo giving a list of what they say are "The 10 Unhappiest Jobs in America." As I read through the list I really had to ask myself who decided these jobs qualify.

This article lists teachers, nurses, account managers, and security officers as having the most unhappy jobs.

I have to say, I personally can think of several jobs that I would list and none of them made their list.

With that in mind I made my own top five list of jobs I would be most unhappy doing.

5.  The people who clean the restrooms at football stadiums.

4. The people who clean restrooms after a concert.

3. The people who clean the restrooms at airports.

2.The person who gets to clean the restrooms at truck stops.

And the number 1 job that would totally suck, cleaning the port-a-potties after a day at the Full Throttle Saloon.