Here is the first hour of Everything Goes Black. If you want the 2nd hour then you'll have to tune in. I don't mean to brag, but I do have the best metal show this side the Mississippi. Tune in at 9 and see for yourself.

Check out the playlist for the first hour of Everything Goes Black, below. Tell me what you wanna hear too.

Also check out Dimmu Borgir video for "Gateways." I absolutely love these dudes!

Hour 1

Waking the Cadaver - "Chased Through the Woods"

Static X - "Forty Ways"

Born Of Osiris - "Follow the Signs"

Dimmu Borgir - "Gateways"

Quiet Riot - "Metal Health"

Volbeat - "Pool Of Booze"

Meshuggah - "Penal Gland Optics"

Periphery - "Eureka"

A Bullet for Pretty Boy - "Decisions"

Lamb of God - "Omerta"

Pantera - "Revolution is my Name"

Veil Of Maya - "Crawl"